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Recommended CDs

Any selection of available CDs is inevitably subjective; so those listed here are listed for a reason - in that they illustrate a particular aspect of Noël Coward and his compositions, the breadth and range of his work, a notable aspect, provide an interpretation that is of interest or for some other significant reason.

There are a large number of CDs available from Amazon in the US and the UK. They offer CD and mp3 sales. In the end you will be the judge! Apple's iTunes has a substantial range of Coward songs and music recorded by a wide range of artists - and you can hear extracts before you buy.

Selected extracts provide a flavour of what you can expect to hear on the CD.

The HMV 4 CD set 'The Master’s Voice' (EMI 0777 7 80580 2 1) (in US: Angel 0777 7 54919 2 0)
is really the starting point for any collection of Coward's own recordings, but it is far from complete.
When, and if, all the CD releases on the NAXOS Nostalgia label are issued, (the first 4 are still available), they should provide what the NCMI calls 'a genuinely complete' collection. The details of the NAXOS CDs are:

Vol.1: A Room With A View (1928-1932) [year of issue - 2001]: 8.120529
Vol.2: Mad Dogs And Englishmen (1932-1936) [year of issue - 2001]: 8.120559
Vol.3: Mad About The Boy (1932-1943) [year of issue - 2002]: 8.120623
Vol.4: I Wonder What Happened To Him (1944-1951) [year of issue - 2004]: 8.120721

Noël's cabaret performances (at Las Vegas) are limited to one recording - or perhaps we should say two - as the reissued CD of the original LP does contain some different versions of tracks and introductions from the same season of cabaret shows in the Nevada Desert. Almost immediately after his performance in Las Vegas Coward performed live in a 90-minute television show with Mary Martin where he sang many of the songs he used in his cabaret act. Apart from appearances on TV chat shows it is the only filmed performance of Coward in 'cabaret style.' The soundtrack was released under the name of the programme 'Together with Music'. Noël also went to New York in the same year to record a studio compilation that was issued as a companion recording of the Las Vegas album (Noël Coward in New York) but it has none of the vitality of those live cabaret performances.

Noël Coward at Las Vegas currently available on DRG: CD 19037 (2003) and in part on Sony CD MDK 47253 (The Noel Coward Album)
Together With Music available on DRG: CDXP 1103
Noël Coward in New York available on DRG: CD 19038 (2003)

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