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Noel Coward at Las VegasA post-war generation were first brought to Coward through the music and lyrics of the 33⅓ Phillips Minigroove LP, Noel Coward at Las Vegas (BBL7108) with its iconic cover photo of Coward sipping tea in the Nevada Desert. It revealed songs from his cabaret performances at Wilbur Clarke's Desert Inn in Las Vegas. According to NCMI (*) author Dominic Vlasto, this album together with Noel Coward in New York, "encapsulate the history of Coward’s post-war “relaunch” of his music to a new, originally American audience."

His influence continues to exist in every area of theatre, music and comedy. In the last decade his music has been performed by artists as diverse as the Pet Shop Boys, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Sting, Robbie Williams, Suede, Texas, and even the Monty Python team plus countless others. His musicals and plays are consistently revived on Broadway and in the West End and amateur companies queue to licence their Coward productions.

Why has this figure, that is everyone's idea of an indolent playboy from the 1920's, left such a huge and lasting impression on the world of music, theatre and comedy? Rarely a week goes by without a Coward song catching our ears from the radio, TV, or live performance. He is quoted in the press on an almost daily basis.

Why is he still news in the world of music and musical theatre? Explore, discover and enjoy the music of Noël Coward! More...

Clive Frabncis caricature  

Photographs, Paintings and Caricatures

Noël Coward's strong association with music often sees him photographed, painted or caricatured with a piano, musical notes, sheet music or the paraphenalia associated with a singing star. Here are two examples.

Clive Francis the actor and caricaturist has kindly given permission for us to use the image on our opening page and this one on the left. This particular musical caricature was produced originally for a Christmas card. The painting is currently kept at Birmingham University in the Noël Coward Special Collection and was possibly painted by Winifred Ashton (Clemence Dane).

Coward, Revues and Musicals

Most of Noël Coward's most memorable songs and tunes come from his musicals and revues. Shows of songs and sketches known as revues have now virtually disappeared as a form of theatre entertainment. They were once a mainstay of showbusiness in the 1920s and 30s offering a fast-paced collection of sketches, parodies, songs and dances.

  Noël Coward

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