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Discography - Original Cast Recordings (OCR)


OCR 01: London Calling (1923):

1) CD: Flapper PAST CD 7080
('The Songs of Noël Coward')
2) CD: EMI 7243 5 20729 2 7
('Noël Coward - The Revues')
3) 78: Columbia USA D 512
4) CD: Flapper PAST CD 7080
& CD AJA 5265


There's Life in the Old Girl Yet (Maisie Gay, acc.Phoenix Theatre Orch. cond. Philip Braham; 25 March 1924)


What Love Means to Girls Like Me (Maisie Gay, acc. Phoenix Theatre Orch. cond. Philip Braham; 25 March 1924)


Carrie (Gertrude Lawrence, pno. acc. by R. H. Bowers; New York, 17 Nov. 1925) (as used in Charlot's revue of 1926) (& see 'Russian Blues' [ONR 110], which GL didn't sing in the show)


Parisian Pierrot (Gertrude Lawrence, acc. Claude Ivy & Chenil Orch., 3 Nov 1931) (originally Rejected)

OCR 02: On With the Dance (1925)

CD: Flapper PAST CD 7080
('The Songs of Noël Coward')


Poor Little Rich Girl (Alice Delysia, acc.London Pavilion Orch. cond. J. B. Hastings; 24 June 25)

OCR 03: Charlot's 1926 Revue

CD AJA 5265


Poor Little Rich Girl (Gertrude Lawrence, pno. acc. by R.H.Bowers; New York, 17 Nov 25) (& see 'Russian Blues' [ONR 110])

OCR 04: This Year of Grace (1928)

Lp: JJA 1977-6
('Musical Comedy Medleys 1928-1934')


Medley (Dance Little Lady/Try to Learn toLove/I'm Mad About You/A Room With a View/Caballero/Mary Make-Believe/Teach Me to Dance Like Grandma/Teach Me to Dance (piano waltz version)/Finale) (Acc. London Pavilion Orch. cond. Ernest Irving, pno.acc. by Leslie


Hutchinson ('Hutch'); 1928 - exact date not known)

OCR 05: Bitter Sweet (1929)

1) CD: Flapper PAST 7080
('The Songs of Noël Coward')
*also on CD: PLATCD 118
2) CD: EMI 7243 5 21808 2
('Noël Coward Ð The Great Shows')
3) CD: Pearl Flapper PAST CD 9717
('When I Grow Too Old To Dream')


If Love Were All (Ivy St Helier)*


Zigeuner (Peggy Wood)* (with piano accompaniment)


I'll See You Again/If You Could Only Come with Me (Peggy Wood & George Metaxa) (acc. His Majesty's Theatre Orch. cond. Reginald Burston, orchestrations by Orellana; June 1929)


Dear Little Cafe (Peggy Wood & George Metaxa) (acc. His Majesty's Theatre Orch. cond. Reginald Burston, orchestrations by Orellana; June, 1929)


I'll See You Again (Evelyn Laye) (with unnamed orchestra) and Zigeuner (Evelyn Laye) (pno.acc. by Gordon Whelan) (US original cast) (8 June 1939)

OCR 06: Private Lives (1930)

CD: Past Perfect PPCD 78135


(Love Scene, Act 1): Someday I'll Find You (NC & Gertrude Lawrence) (orch. Cond. & pno. acc. Ray Noble (15 Sept 1930)


(Scene, Act 2): I Never Realised (Gideon/Ross) (NC + own? pno. acc.)
If You Were The Only Girl In The World (Grey/Ayer) (GL + NC? pno. acc.)
Someday I'll Find You (NC & GL + pno. acc. ?NC)
(all recorded 15 Sept. 1930)
Someday I'll Find You (GL + orch., recorded 11 Mar 1932) Ð See ONR115

OCR 07: Words and Music (1932)

78: Zonophone 6265
CD: EMI 7243 5 20729 2 7
('Noël Coward Ð The Revues')


Three White Feathers (Doris Hare) with Ray Noble Orchestra [31 Oct 32]

OCR 08: Conversation Piece (1934)

1) CD: EMI 7243 5 21808 2
('Noël Coward - The Great Shows')
2) CD: Flapper PAST CD 7080
('The Songs of Noël Coward')
3) CD: CDP 7805822
('The Master's Voice, Vol 2')


Charming, Charming (Yvonne Printemps with Heather Thatcher)
Dear Little Soldiers (Moya Nugent and Maidie Andrews)
English Lesson (Yvonne Printemps)
Nevermore (Yvonne Printemps and Louis Hayward)


I'll Follow My Secret Heart (Yvonne Printemps & Noël Coward)
Regency Rakes (Sidney Grammar, George Sanders, Pat Worsley, Antony Brian)
There's Always Something Fishy About the French (Heather Thatcher and Moya Nugent)


Melanie's Aria (Yvonne Printemps and Noël Coward)
All the above His Majesty's Theatre Orch. cond. Reginald Burston, orchestrations by Charles Prentice. [26 February 1934]


*For the 1951 studio recording of Conversation Piece see NCR 32 and ONR 07.

OCR 09: Tonight at 8:30 (1936)

1) CD: HMV CDP 7805822
('The Master's Voice' Vol 2)
2) CD: HMV CDP 7805832
('The Master's Voice' Vol 3)


Has Anybody Seen Our Ship (Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence)
Men About Town (Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence)
Then (Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence)
Play, Orchestra, Play (Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence)
You Were There (Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence)


Here's a Toast (Noël Coward)
Music Box (Noël Coward and Cast)
Hearts and Flowers (Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence)
For WE WERE DANCING, recorded with the same orchestra less than a month later, see NCR 17


All the above Phoenix Theatre Orch. cond. Greenwood [15-16 Jan. 1936]

OCR 10: Operette (1938)

1) CD: EMI 7243 5 21808 2
('Noël Coward Ð The Great Shows')
2) CD: Flapper PAST CD 7080
('The Songs of Noël Coward')
*items also on CD: PLATCD 118


Operette (Fritzi Massary with Sextet)
Countess Mitzi (Fritzi Massary with Chorus)
Where Are The Songs We Sung?* (Peggy Wood)


Dearest Love (*Peggy Wood)
The Stately Homes of England (Hugh French, Ross Landon, John Gatrell, Kenneth Carten)


All the above His Majesty's Theatre Orch. cond. Benjamin Frankel. Orchestrations by Charles Prentice (*but with some embellishments, possibly by Frankel?) [25 March 1938]

OCR 11: Set To Music (1938)

CD: AIE CD 006
('A Marvellous Party')


Mad About the Boy (Beatrice Lillie)*
I'm So Weary of It All (Beatrice Lillie)
Three White Feathers (Beatrice Lillie)
I Went to a Marvellous Party (Beatrice Lillie)*(pno. acc.only)

*also CD: PLATCD 118


Orch. cond. and piano accompt. by Will Irwin [14 February 1939]

OCR 12: Sigh No More (1945)

1) CD: PLATCD 118
2) CD: Sepia 1043 (2005)
3) 78: Details unknown


That Is the End of the News (Joyce Grenfell)



Matelot (Graham Payn)
Sigh No More (Graham Payn)



I Wonder What Happened to Him (Cyril Ritchard)
Nina (Cyril Ritchard)
(Lp: EMI Retrospect SH 507 includes Graham Payn singing the above two songs as part of medleys.)


All Piccadilly Theatre Orch. cond. Mantovani [20 September 1945]

OCR 13: Pacific 1860 (1946)

CD: Box Office ENBO-CD#8/93
(*titles also on CD Sepia 1043)


His Excellency Regrets (Cast)
If I Were a Man (The Daughters)
Uncle Harry (Graham Payn)
*Dear Madame Salvador (Graham Payn)
My Horse Has Cast a Shoe (Mary Martin)
Bright Was the Day (Mary Martin & Graham Payn)
*One, Two, Three (Mary Martin)
I Never Knew (Mary Martin)
I Saw No Shadow (Mary Martin)
Invitation to the Waltz (Daughters and Male Sextet)
I Wish I Wasn't Such a Big Girl (Daphne Anderson and the Daughters)
Pretty Little Bridesmaids (The Daughters)
Mothers' Lament (Rose Hignell, Maidie Andrews, Gwen Bateman)
This Is a changing World (Sylvia Cecil)
*Fumfumbolo (Graham Payn)
This Is a Night for Lovers (Sylvia Cecil, Maris Pirelli, Winefride Ingham)
Toast Music/Finale (Mary Martin & Graham Payn)
All Drury Lane Orch. cond. Mantovani [December 1946].

OCR 14: Ace of Clubs (1950)

CD: EMI 7243 5 21808 2
(Noël Coward - The Great Shows)
+CD CS002 (Bayview Records, 2004)


Nothing Can Last Forever (Sylvia Cecil)
I'd Never, Never Know (Pat Kirkwood)
Something About a Sailor (Graham Payn)
My Kind of Man(Pat Kirkwood)
This Could Be True (Pat Kirkwood and Graham Payn)
Josephine (Pat Kirkwood)
Sail Away (Graham Payn)
Why Does Love Get In the Way? (Pat Kirkwood)
In a Boat, On a Lake with My Darling (Pat Kirkwood and Graham Payn)
(- and see ONR 71a)
Chase Me, Charlie (Pat Kirkwood)
Evening In Summer (Sylvia Cecil)
I Like America (Graham Payn)
Three Juvenile Delinquents (Peter Tuddenham, Colin Kemble, Norman Warwick)


+Orchestral Selection Pt.1: I Like America/Nothing Can Last Forever/My Kind of Man/Chase Me Charlie.
+Orchestral Selection Pt.2: Why Does Love Get In The Way/In a Boat On a Lake With My Darling/Something About a Sailor/Sail Away
All Cambridge Theatre Orch. cond. Mantovani, Orchestrations by Mantovani and Ronald Binge. [3 July 1950]


+Items only on Bayview CD, which also includes NC's own recordings of:
+Josephine (NCR 31)
+Why Does Love Get In The Way (NCR 34)
+I Like America (NCR 34)
+Sail Away (NCR 33)

OCR 15: After the Ball (1954)

CD: Sepia 1043 (2005)
(Rather poor sleeve-notes!)


Oh, What a Century It's Been (Chorus)
I Knew That You Would Be My Love (Vanessa Lee and Peter Graves)
Mr Hopper's Chanty (Graham Payn, Dennis Bowen, Tom Gill)
Sweet Day (Vanessa Lee)
Oh, What a Century (Lois Green, Pam Marmont, Dennis Bowen, Tom Gill)
Creme de la Creme (Chorus)
Light Is the Heart (Mary Ellis)
Why Is it the Woman Who Pays? (Chorus)
London at Night (Chorus)
Lady Windermere's Aria (Vanessa Lee)
May I Have the Pleasure? (Graham Payn and Irene Browne)
All My Life Ago (Mary Ellis)
Faraway Land (Graham Payn and Patricia Cree)
Something on a Tray (Irene Browne, Betty Felstead, Anna Halinka, Alisa Gamley)
Clear, Bright Morning (Vanessa Lee)
London at Night (Chorus)


Orch. cond. Philip Martell; orchestrations by Philip Green. [June 1954] [Sepia gives July]



Sepia CD also includes 7 songs by Mary Martin and Graham Payn, from Sigh No More and Pacific 1860 otherwise on OCRs 12 & 13, and two tracks unrelated to NC/OCR 15 by Vanessa Lee

OCR 16: Together With Music (CBS TV, 1955)

Lp: drg DARC-2-1103
CD:drg CDXP 1103


Note: numbers marked* not included in CD release, which also rearranges the running order and omits reprises of numbers marked ** from the original television broadcast


Ninety Minutes Is a Long, Long Time (Noël Coward and Mary Martin)**
Together With Music (Noël Coward and Mary Martin)**
Uncle Harry (Noël Coward)
Loch Lomond [Hackforth] (Noël Coward)*
Nina (Noël Coward)
Dubin-Warren/Porter/Delibes: (Mary Martin solo segment I)
Medley (I'll See You Again/Dance Little Lady/Poor Little Rich Girl/ARoom With a View/Someday I'll Find You/I'll Follow My Secret Heart/If Love Were All/Play Orchestra Play (Noël Coward)
Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Noël Coward)
South Pacific medley (Mary Martin solo segment II)
World Weary (Noël Coward)
What's Going to Happen to the Tots? (Noël Coward)
Un Bel Di [Puccini] (Mary Martin & Noël Coward)]*
London Pride (Mary Martin)
Deep in the Heart of Texas [Hershey/Swander/Coward] (Noël Coward)
Get Out Those Old Records [Lombardo/Loeb/Coward] (Noël Coward and Mary Martin)


Orch. cond. Tutti Camarata; orchestrations by Camarata (Musical Assistant & pno. accompt. Peter Matz) [22 October 1955]

OCR 17: London Morning (1959)

Lp: drg SL 5180
('A Special Event')


Note: The published piano score of the ballet music sometimes uses alternative titles to those given here. Titles in square brackets are how the titles are listed in the Alphabetical Index.


Prelude and Sentries' Duet [Prelude/Alla Marcia 1]
Introduction and Mazurka
Introduction and Hornpipe
Scene and Pas de Deux [Pas de Deux 1]
Schoolgirls and Nuns [Allegro 1]
Changing of the Guard [Alla Marcia 2]
The Bathchair [Allegro 2]
The Streatham Family [Slow Waltz]
Pas de Deux [Pas de Deux 2]
Juvenile Delinquents [Allegro Vivace 2]
Rain Scene [Andante]
Finale: London Pride [Finale]


London Philharmonic Orchestra, Cond. Geoffrey Corbett
Orchestrations by Gordon Jacob.[12 July 1959]

OCR 18: Sail Away (New York, 1961)

CD: Broadway Angel
ZDM 0777 7 64759 2 9


Come to Me (Elaine Stritch and the Stewards)
Sail Away (James Hurst)
Where Shall I Find Him? (Patricia Harty)
Beatnik Love Affair (Grover Dale)
Later Than Spring (James Hurst)
The Passenger's Always Right (Charles Braswell and the Stewards)
Useful Phrases (Elaine Stritch)
You're A Long, Long way from America (Elaine Stritch)
The Customer's Always Right (Charles Braswell and the Arabs)
Something Very Strange (Elaine Stritch)
Go Slow, Johnny (James Hurst)
The Little Ones' ABC (Elaine Stritch, Paul O'Keefe and the Children)
Don't Turn Away from Love (James Hurst)
When You Want Me (Grover Dale and Patricia Harty)
Why Do the Wrong People Travel? (Elaine Stritch)


Musical Direction by Peter Matz, Orchestrations by Irwin Kostal, Vocal Arrangements by Fred Werner [8 October 1961]

OCR 19: Sail Away (London, 1962)

UK: Lp EMI CLP 1572
USA: Lp: Stanyan SR 10027


Come to Me (Elaine Stritch and the Stewards)
Sail Away (David Holliday)
Where Shall I Find Him? (Sheila Forbes)
Beatnik Love Affair (Grover Dale)
Later Than Spring (David Holliday)
Useless Useful Phrases (Elaine Stritch)
The Passenger's Always Right (John Hewer and the Stewards)
You're A Long, Long way from America (Elaine Stritch)
The Customer's Always Right (John Hewer and the Vendors)
Go Slow, Johnny (David Holliday)
Something Very Strange (Elaine Stritch)
Don't Turn Away from Love (David Holliday)
Bronxville Darby and Joan (Edith Day and Grover Dale)
When You Want Me (Grover Dale and Sheila Forbes)
Later Than Spring reprise (Elaine Stritch)
Why Do the Wrong People Travel? (Elaine Stritch)


Musical direction by Gareth Davies. Some orchestrations by Angela Morley [June 1962]

OCR 20: The Girl Who Came to Supper (1963)

CD: Sony SK 48210


Introduction (Orchestra)
Yasni Koskolai (Carpathian National Anthem) (Ensemble)
My Family Tree (Jose Ferrer, Roderick Cook)
I've Been Invited to a Party (Florence Henderson)
When Foreign Princes Come to Visit Us (Carey Nairnes, Chorus)
Sir or Ma'am (Roderick Cook, Florence Henderson)
Soliloquies (Jose Ferrer, Florence Henderson)
Lonely (Jose Ferrer)
London Is a Little Bit of All Right (Tessie O'Shea, Sean Scully, Ensemble)
What Ho, Mrs Brisket (Tessie O'Shea, Sean Scully, Ensemble)
Don't Take Our Charlie for the Army (Tessie O'Shea, Sean Scully, Ensemble)
Saturday Night at the Rose & Crown (Tessie O'Shea, Sean Scully, Ensemble)
Here and Now (Florence Henderson)
Coronation Chorale (Jose Ferrer, Florence Henderson)
How Do You Do, Middle Age? (Jose Ferrer)
Curt, Clear and Concise (Jose Ferrer, Roderick Cook)
The Coconut Girl (Florence Henderson, Sean Scully)
This Time It's True Love (Florence Henderson, Jose Ferrer)
I'll Remember Her (Jose Ferrer)


Musical Direction and Vocal Arrangements by Jay Blackton, Orchestrations by Robert Russell Bennett [8 December 1963]


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