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Find out more about the music of Noël Coward with:

The Noël Coward Music Index

The Noël Coward Music Index researched and written by
Alan Farley and Dominic Vlasto is is now part of:

The Music of Noël Coward.

If you want to find out more about the music, songs and lyrics of Noël Coward then browse the index and its appendices. For those looking for a particular piece then the best starting point is the alphalist where all Coward's known music, songs, and lyrics are listed by title. The link for this and other parts of the index are shown in the left hand column.

All known musical titles by Noël Coward, including music without lyrics are listed here alphabetically.

All of the information provided on the site is linked to individual Song Titles - a generic term for any lyric, song or piece of musical composition, or fragment of same, by Noël Coward.

We include guidance on obtaining music and recordings of the works listed here - where they are available - or listing the source of the material where it may be possible to view it.

The Key resource for sheet music and music compilations is Faber Music. More...

Extant recordings of Noël Coward's songs and music can be found on numerous online music stores such as
Amazon (UK)
and Amazon (US) and iTunes.

Historic recordings can be found on online stores that specialise in used recordings or on eBay (UK) and eBay (US).

The most comprehensive book on the lyrics is 'The Complete Lyrics of Noël Coward' edited by Barry Day. More...

For more about the editors and creators of this unique resource see Author Credits...

More in the form of an interview conducted by Marcy Kahan with Dominic Vlasto

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